Study Guide Is Additional Aid to Your Research in Colossians

Ease of Use

So, What’s the Latest News? Messages from a Prisoner in Rome contains an added study guide/workbook section with more than one hundred pages to assist those who wish to delve further into God’s message in Colossians.

For ease of use, the subheadings in the guide (located at the back of the book) use the same subheadings as in the front portion of reading material.

Background Information

Background information is also given in the first few pages of the guide to give knowledge concerning the culture of Colosse and the surrounding region which includes Hierapolis and Laodicea.

Review Questions Included

Teachers and students alike will find the questions thought-provoking and reflective.

Ranging from general questions such as “What words of comfort are used to begin the letter?” or “Define inheritance” to more reflective questions such as “How is each of these attributes being displayed in your life? Can you give specific examples?” or “Do I need a fresh perspective of the cross and what Christ has done for me?” Adequate space is given for responses.

This added section alone would be a valuable time-saver for Sunday school teachers and Bible study leaders who are doing a verse by verse study through the letter to the Colossians.

Tip for Missionaries

Those who are engaged in teaching missions may find the information in the study covering Colossians chapter 4 especially meaningful.