By the Will of God, Colossians 1:1

“Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God.”

Col. 1:1

Paul was called to be an apostle by the will of God.  It was not of Paul or of any other man’s doing. It was the calling of  God alone.

However, Paul did have a choice. He could accept God’s will or reject it. He accepted it and became the greatest apostle who ever lived.

Who are you called to be “by the will of God”? It will not be of your own doing or of any other person’s doing.

You also have a choice.

Will you accept or reject that calling?

If you accept, who knows where your path will end.

But God’s will shall have been performed, and for that, you will not be left in regret or wonder.

Join in the conversation:

Do you know God’s will God for your life?

Are you struggling with God’s will?

What encouragement can you share for those who are struggling in this area?


Adding Geography to Your Bible Lessons, Part I

Are You Teaching the Five W‘s?

Students are taught the necessity of including the who, what, where, when, and why in their writing assignments. However, as teachers, are we including those 5 W’s in our presentations?

What may be missing in your lesson plan?

Sunday school teachers may do well with the who — the characters, or the what — the action that takes place, but what about the where?

Where does the action take place?

The where is the setting of the story. This is where the introduction of geography is important.

How many can point to modern-day Jerusalem on a map?

Where was Babylon located?

In what modern-day nation would Babylon be found?

In what modern-day nation would one find the ancient cities of Corinth or Athens?

Were these cities located inland or by a river or by the sea? How would this have affected their culture, their eating habits, or their accumulation of wealth?

Why teach the setting of a Biblical event?

Teaching the setting of a Biblical event helps students accept the reality of the story, envision the characters in their proper surroundings, and develop further understanding of Biblical times.

The introduction of geography may have your students’ interest peaked in ways you may never have imagined. More on this in our next post.

A Picture of Christ and His Church

The Godly Man’s Role

As Spiritual Leader…

A godly man desires to be the spiritual leader of his home.  He is in conflict for his family as Paul was for the citizens of the Colossian church.

He desires, as Paul did, that his family would be comforted, knit together in love, understanding of his role in the home, and acknowledging of his accountability before God.

As Decision Maker…

As the leader of his home, a godly man must make decisions that affect his entire household. He does not make those decisions lightly.

It is a heavy burden that he must bare for the consequences of those decisions can bring about a good result or a disastrous one.

As Seeking God’s Guidance…

Therefore, it is of utmost importance, that the family members understand and acknowledge his role and thus pray for God’s guidance in his decisions.

The Family’s Role

The family is a beautiful picture of Christ and His Church.

As a picture of the body of Christ, the family body that prays together, is knit together, comforts one another, and upholds one another is a family that is a beautiful picture of Christ and His church.


Letters Are Special

Everyone loves to receive a letter sent through snail-mail.

There’s just something about holding a letter in your hand that someone took the time to personally write.

It may be a personal note, or it could be a reminder of some special event. Whatever the topic, someone thought enough of you to send it. That is what makes it so special.

Then there are those letters sent special delivery.

They’re those hand-delivered ones. You tremble as you receive them because sometimes those can contain information that is hard to accept.

It may contain news of a tragic event, but it also may contain exciting news that delights your soul.

A long-lost friend has finally found you, or a reunion is about to take place. You’ve won an all-expenses paid vacation, or the car which has given you so much trouble has finally been recalled.

Letters are special. And in that sense you, as the recipient, are special also.

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Strategic Location, Opportunity

Colossae was strategically located along a trade route that led east to west from the Euphrates Valley to the city of Ephesus and the Aegean Sea.

This strategic location gave the church opportunity to exert great influence over the traveling merchantmen and engage them in helping to spread the gospel message.

Did they utilize their location and material wealth to do so?

Were they overtaken by the angel worship that had deceived many in the surrounding areas?

Did they fulfill their ministry?

Many questions remain.

Those Colossians that survived after the great earthquake occupied a small village and continued there until another earthquake destroyed the area.

Hopefully, their godly influence remained long after the demise of their great city.

Where has God strategically placed you?

Are you utilizing that placement to help spread the gospel message?

Are you fulfilling the ministry to which you are called?

What influence will remain after you leave this world?