Letters Are Special

Everyone loves to receive a letter sent through snail-mail.

There’s just something about holding a letter in your hand that someone took the time to personally write.

It may be a personal note, or it could be a reminder of some special event. Whatever the topic, someone thought enough of you to send it. That is what makes it so special.

Then there are those letters sent special delivery.

They’re those hand-delivered ones. You tremble as you receive them because sometimes those can contain information that is hard to accept.

It may contain news of a tragic event, but it also may contain exciting news that delights your soul.

A long-lost friend has finally found you, or a reunion is about to take place. You’ve won an all-expenses paid vacation, or the car which has given you so much trouble has finally been recalled.

Letters are special. And in that sense you, as the recipient, are special also.

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