Excerpt from So, What’s the Latest News?

Messages from a Prisoner in Rome

So you’ve received the letter!  But who would send such a letter? And what was so important that it be hand-delivered?

“Oh, no,” you think.  “I hope nothing tragic has happened.” We have a tendency to think such thoughts when we receive a special letter, and particularly so when it arrives in the hands of someone in a characteristic uniform.

We are intrigued as we inspect the envelope, look at the postal stamp, seek the return address, eye the color of the paper, and breathe in the smells associated with it.   With trepidation we open the coverings and take a peek inside.  Out comes the news that will alter our lives from that moment forward.

News always brings a change in direction, sometimes minutely, sometimes greatly.

Scanning over the letter, you see someone being commended, what looks like a prayer, some kind of special instructions, and warnings of some sort. Who would be sending you this type of letter?

As we begin to read the precious words contained in the epistle (letter) to the Colossians, let us remember that they are also words directed to us.

With hands trembling and lips quivering, we begin our reading.  Then suddenly, our eyes catch the words “Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Grace and peace — words which bring comfort to our souls.  Eagerly we read on to see what special message God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ have to say to us.

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