Suggested Schedule for Small Group Leaders

Information for Small Group Leaders

Suggested Schedule

The following is a suggested schedule for leading a small group.

Time allotted should be adjusted to the needs of your group.

  • *Start on time by briefly introducing lesson. (3 minutes)
  • Pray for God’s guidance during lesson.
  • Teach lesson and/or discuss reading material. (30 minutes)
  • Lead discussion of chosen questions/study guide material. (10 minutes)
  • Let attendees ask questions about lesson or study guide material. (5 minutes)
  • Pray for God’s blessing on lesson.
  • Give assignments to prepare for next meeting. (2 minutes)
  • **Share prayer requests. Remind attendees that requests are to remain confidential.
  • Pray over requests. (15 minutes)
  • Dismiss.

Optional refreshments:   

Any refreshments served should be offered 30 minutes before meeting is scheduled to start or for 30 minutes after meeting ends. Some attendees will be on a tight schedule and this should be respected.

First meeting suggestion:

*At first meeting get to know each other. Let each person quickly introduce themselves and give one or two facts about themselves. Do not be distracted by those who arrive late.

Prayer time tip:

**To expedite prayer time, have attendees write requests on note cards and place in basket before meeting starts. Distribute cards at prayer time to volunteers willing to pray over requests as a group or individually. Collect cards immediately after prayer time.

May the message of So, What’s the Latest News?  Messages from a Prisoner in Rome be a blessing to you and your group.